See how EFT Can effect Blood Cells, even outside of the body!

I had the honor of witnessing an expert prick my blood and view it under a microscope. I began using EFT to direct my body to improve the heath of my blood cells. Imagine my surprise when the blood cells already on the slide began to move and reorder themselves. Its one of those things where you really need to see it to believe it!

Red blood cells are:

overlapping and sticking together

Vary in size, shape, and color

Red blood cells are

residing freely in their own space, not overlapping or sticking together uniform in size, shape, and color

This educational research summary and explanations of what was viewed is based on the New Biology, the science of Robert O. Young.  Live Blood Analysis is considered an Unestablished Test, which means there is debate as to the usefulness of such a test.

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