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It doesn't matter what you've been through or how far down you've fallen. There is help and hope.  I've walked a dark path and found a way out. Let someone who "gets it" gently guide you as you learn exactly what to do to feel better fast.  Once you learn how to relax your mind and body out of "crisis mode", it's time to do a deep dive into the source of your spiritual unrest.  Feeling better fast is putting out the fire.  The deep dive is aimed at the fire starter.  Becoming empowered to manage our emotions allows us to sit with them without fear. Our primary directive changes from avoiding pain to seeking the light of a meaningful future; beyond your wildest dreams!

I suffered through years of child abuse, eventually leaving home and living on the streets at age 12.  I'll spare you the details. Let's just say I went from the frying pan into the fire Years of homelessness, addiction and pain followed.  By the time I began transcending my trauma, I had run the gamut of traditional mental health care; talk therapy, psychiatry, and medication. I found it impossible to find a therapist with the three necessary pillars for proper mental health care.  "Affordable. Accessible. Effective." Did you know the ratio of psychiatrists is roughly  1 per 13,000 US citizens? The number of licensed psychologists per capita is about 1 in 3,000. Even if you can access an appointment, many no longer take insurance. Then there's the "Pill-Mill." Maybe this sounds familiar:

Try a new medication.

Wait six weeks to see if it works. 

Repeat doctor's visits to adjust the dosage.

Find out at week 12 that the medicine doesn't help.

Start the whole process over with another medication. 



When I couldn't find help in the traditional route, I began trying every alternative health method I could find.  Self-help books and positive affirmations became part of my daily routine.  Those things did take the edge off, but ultimately it was like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. Then in 2001, I discovered the Emotional Freedom Technique, and it saved my life. I trained under founder Gary Craig and found rapid relief from the fight or flight state I had survived in for years. It freed me from the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual reactivity that multiple trauma created in me. 


NO pill will relieve your pain AND bring you joy. Some find success in medication for symptom reduction, but symptom reduction does not equal happiness.  When your life goals are to survive and avoid pain, happiness and joy are infrequent guests.. For almost 2 decades I have walked this imperfect path of trauma transcendence, Every time I thought I had "arrived" at recovery, another layer of the onion presented itself for me to peel. I finally realized that recovery isn't an outcome to celebrate at a given end-point.  Recovery is an inward journey to understand ourselves and our place in the world. By pivoting our perspective from a linear process to a dynamic, fluid, imperfect process, we find self-compassion. The pursuit of perfection is not a path to self-acceptance. We can transcend trauma and live a life far beyond our current limitations.  I had to put in the work and so will you. You won't have to slog through all your old trauma, but It does take courage, commitment, and persistence.  Together we CAN do it!

EFT and other mind-body practices are the cornerstones of the Empowering SHIFTS coaching program. You'll come to feel worthy of a support system and find your tribe, develop a mindset that supports a positive outlook without suppressing your true feelings.  Faking positivity is denial in fancy clothes.  Authentic positivity comes from processing your emotions instead of stuffing them down repeatedly.  By learning how to process your feelings, your self-esteem will grow in leaps and bounds.


Empowering SHIFTS is Supported Self-Help. You do your work, but you don't have to go it alone. Learn to make better choices and significantly improve your quality of life.  


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